Our mission is to make on-trend styles instantly accessible and affordable for women at any life stage.

Rock Bottom Shopping started in 2012, in the aftermath of the recession. As working women, we knew that we could
boost other women’s confidence with fashion. Our mission has remained the same ever since!
Rock Bottom Shopping removes the obstacles that make stylish clothing unreachable for so many women.
Our pieces are affordable and easy to mix + match. They look equally good in an office,
behind a stroller, at brunch with girlfriends, or traveling the world.
Rock Bottom Shopping brings fun, flattering clothes to all types of women and sparks their imagination with styling ideas.
We’re curating looks for real life and providing all the styling inspiration you need.
That’s what we mean when we say Your Style, Inspired.
- Your partners in style, Team Rock Bottom Shopping
If you have any questions regarding garment, please reach out to our Stylists for assistance!